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Retromagia is Retrogametycoon

Welcome to Retrogametycoon.com!

It is time to say goodbye to Retromagia. The old retro games site that was a part of Poromagia has now been transformed into a new company.

Pekka Lepistö, well-known employee at Poromagia, is the CEO of Retrogametycoon. With Peka's vision and the solid foundation brought by Poromagia, the new heyday of retro gaming begins! 

Our new company, which is completely devoted to retro gaming, focuses 100% on the sale and purchase of retro games. This focus helps us to improve our selection even further, as we can focus fully on adding more retro games to our inventory.

The company is managed and owned by Pekka Lepistö and Aarne Halén, Hannu Vallin and Juho Sahiluoto, known from Poromagia.

Retrogametycoon's staff members are long-time retro game enthusiasts and want to maintain the collecting and hobby culture of old retro games with their activities.


Changes for customers

The biggest visible change to customers, besides the name, is the completely new website. In the future, the development of this new website will take place entirely on the terms of retro games, as it is completely separated from Poromagia. The previous pages were linked to Poromagia's board games and card games pages, and thus all development to changes required compromises. We don't need these compromises anymore, so we can make our wildest dreams come true (or at least we get to dream more freely!)

Due to the change, a new account must be registered for the new pages, even if you had a user account on the retromagia.fi pages.

If you want, you can also transfer credits from your Retromagia account to the new site! Just contact info@retrogametycoon.com and we will change the credits for you.

8.10. onwards Retromagia.fi and retro.poromagia.com pages will re-direct to this site. So you end up here automatically,even if you still have retromagia.fi in your muscle memory (or in your browser's favorites).


About previous orders made in retromagia.fi site

We deliver all old orders as usual, even if the website changes to a new one. If you have any questions about your order, email info@retrogametycoon.com