Pick-up point open weekdays 12-18

Shipping to United States starts from None for letters and € 27.95 for parcels.

Do you have a loyalty program? What is Retroclub?

Retrogametycoon rewards its loyal customers. Purchases made in the online store and products purchased at the pick-up point accumulate bonus credits, which can be used as a discount for all Retrogametycoon products.

Bonus credits do not accrue from discount products, orders made with credits, postage or collect-on-delivery orders.

Read more on how to use credits and from bonuses: retrogametycoon.com/retroclub

What are credits?

Credits are currency for Retrogametycoon's online store and pick-up point. One credit equals one euro and is valid as a discount for all Retrogametycoon products. You get credits by exchanging your old retro games to us or from your monthly purchases with Retroclub's bonuses.

How do I sell or trade in my games?

If you have old games and consoles gathering dust in the closet, contact us and we will make you an offer for them in cash or in the form of credits.

Selling and crediting games, i.e. exchanging games for credit currency, works through the crediting website: retrogametycoon/credit

Read the site's instructions carefully and complete the form. Send us a request for quotation through it, and we will contact you via email about it.

Are all the products in the online store also available at the pick-up point?

You can pick up your orders from Retrogametycoon's pick-up point on weekdays by 18:00.

It is also possible to buy all the products found in our online store at the pick-up point. If you need something to play for the weekend and want recommendations, come visit and we'll tell you our favorites!

Can I pay by invoice?

We offer the possibility to pay by invoice in cooperation with Walley. When you choose an invoice as the payment method and you are granted the invoice option, you will receive the ordered goods before you pay for them.Note that Walley payment is only available for Finnish residents.

You can get complete terms and information about Walley Invoice and Account Credit from the following links:

General invoicing, account credit and installment payment terms: https://cdn.walleypay.com/terms/Terms_FI_En.pdf

Do you take trainees?

At Retrogametycoon, the gaming never stops and we sometimes also need interns. The intern's tasks include, for example, photographing games, cleaning and testing game cartridges, and shelving finished products. If you are looking for an internship or a school TET-practice, you can send us an email atinfo@retrogametycoon.com

Are the prices in the online store the same as at the pick-up point?

Yes they are. We do not charge separate costs for the products at the pick-up point.

How long does it take to get an inventory restock from games?

Most of Retrogametycoon's products are used games that have been discontinued. Because of this, it is sometimes difficult to estimate when stock additions for the game you want will be coming to us.

The best way to find out when the game you're looking for is available again is to add an email reminder on the product page. Through it, you will receive an email when the product you want is available to order again in our online store.

Does Retrogametycoon participate in various fair events?

Through its activities, Retrogametycoon wants to maintain the hobby of collecting and playing old retro games and participates in various game and hobby fairs organized in Finland, mainly events related to video games, as well as role-playing and anime themed cons.

We will announce the events we will be participating in on our website, Facebook, Instagram and Discord channels. For the event, we take along pack boxes of old games, consoles, collectible figures and special editions of games.

When the event is approaching, you can also place an order through the online store for on-site pickup.

I ordered products as collect-on-delivery, how do I get a tracking number?

You will receive an email when your order is sent to the mail from our warehouse and the e-mail will show the tracking code for the order. We use a system that sends you a text message when the order can be picked up from the post office.

I placed an order on your website, when will my order be shipped or available for pick-up?

Orders placed before 3:00 p.m. on weekdays will be processed the same day. We usually process orders placed after that or on weekends on the next business day.

Pick-up orders are available immediately on weekdays by 6:00 p.m.

What are the game conditions?


We use five different attributes for retro games and consoles, and they are the following in order of preference:


  • Sealed (New)

The product is new and in the original factory-made shrink wrap. The shrink wrap has not been opened and the product has never been used. If the product was originally manufactured without factory-made shrink wrap, we will provide information about this separately in the product description.

  • Used – Excellent

The product is in excellent condition. The game disc has at most very light hairline scratches and is in very good condition. The cardboard case has minimal wear or bends caused by time.

  • Used – OK

Most of our games and products belong to the OK condition category. Game discs may have some scratches. There are dents and wear in the cardboard boxes.

  • Used – Average

The game disc has more scratches than usual, but it is still functional. The game box is in used condition and shows more wear and tear than usual. There may be yellowing or other clearly visible wear on the console or controls.

  • Used - Poor

There are a lot of scratches on the game disc. The cardboard game case may be torn. The label on the front of the game cartridge may be completely torn off. There may be cracks or other defects in the surfaces of the consoles. The products are not necessarily best looking units, but they are functional.


If you want more information or more pictures of the online store's products, you can always send us an email to info@retrogametycoon and we will be happy to tell you more about the product.


What are the region codes for the retro games?


As a rule, retro games have been released in three different continents, Europe, America and Japan, and the games may not work on consoles outside their release area. Below you will find information about the area codes we use and the functionality of the games.

  • PAL (EU)

The most common category of our games. The game is published in Europe and it works on a European console.

In NES games, PAL (EU) release means all PAL-B region releases, excluding Scandinavian (SCN) releases, for which we have made our own separate region code.

  • Region-Free

The game is a region-free release and it works on all consoles of the platform.

  • NTSC (USA)

North American release. The game requires an American console to work.

  • NTSC / USA (Region-Free)

North American release. The game is region-free and works on all consoles of the platform.

  • NTSC-J (Japan)

Japanese release. Usually the language of the game is also Japanese. The game requires a Japanese console in order to work.

If the game is a region-free Japanese release, we will add information about it to the product description.


Nordic Scandinavian release. We use this category especially for NES games. The game cartridge works on consoles in the European PAL-B region.

  • PAL-A (UK)

British PAL-A release. We only use this category for NES games. PAL-A releases do not work on Finnish NES consoles, they require a PAL-A NES console (Italian or British) to work. Many clone consoles such as Hyperkin's Retron also run PAL-A games.

  • PAL-A (ITA)

Italian PAL-A release. We only use this category for NES games. PAL-A releases do not work on Finnish NES consoles, they require a PAL-A NES console (Italian or British) to work.Many clone consoles such as Hyperkin's Retron also run PAL-A games.

If you are not sure whether the game you want works on your beloved old console, contact us by email at info@retrogametycoon.com and we will tell you more about the functionality.

Do you test the consoles, controllers and games to make them work before putting them on sale?


Before we put a console, controller or game on sale in our online store, they are cleaned and tested to make them functional. If there is something special about the product, such as yellowing or other wear and tear, we will write about it in the product description.

The packaging, labels and manuals of consoles, games and accessories may, however, be in varying condition due to their age, which is indicated with a condition description. In addition, the product information contains a mention of the game's region code and whether it is without the game case (loose) or whether it contains the original package and/or the manual.

We offer retro products a one-month functionality guarantee from the date indicated on the receipt or order confirmation. The warranty does not apply to self-inflicted defects in the product.

Cartridge games should be cleaned at home before using them, for which we recommend a cotton swab and general disinfectant liquid, such as a flat-screen TV cleaner or disinfectant. You can find good instructions in Finnish in address: